Our Talk this month digests the Chants for Formal Meals ... not bread alone, these Chants guide us for all our Practice and Life ... The talk covers the Formal Meal Verses (Gyôhatsu nenju 行鉢念誦):

  • Verse upon Hearing the Meal Signal (Montsui no ge 聞槌之偈)
  • Verse for Setting Out Bowls (Tenpatsu no ge 展鉢之偈))
  • Verse of Buddha Names (Butsumyô 十仏名)
  • Food Offering Verses (Sejiki ge 施食偈)
  • Verse of Five Contemplations (Gokan no ge 五観之偈)
  • Verse of Food Offering (Saba ge 生飯偈)
  • Bowl Raising Verse (Keihatsu no ge 擎鉢之偈)
  • Meal End (Sessui no ge 折水之偈)
  • Verse of Purity While Abiding in the World (shose kaibon no ge 処世界梵之偈)

Further reading and discussion for this talk are available on the Treeleaf forum:
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