The town next to ours here in Ibaraki, Japan, is known for two attractions: Its Giant Buddha Statue, over 100 meters tall (never too big!)... and the new "Outlet Mall" looking like it could be transplanted right from Southern California, each clearly seen from the other.

What better place than the mall to look at today's passage from the Xin Xin Ming?

The Way is perfect like vast space where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. Indeed, it is due to our choosing to accept or reject that we do not see the true nature of things.

Nevertheless, we run to the mall, credit cards in hand, to fill temporarily the "lacking" and boredom we feel. Here are the perfect cards to bring!


The advertisements on TV show us that there can be "no excess", that one can never have a big enough house or new enough car, never enough money in the bank. But that is not quite what the Buddha had in mind by "nothing is in excess". Rather, nothing is ever lacking ... nothing is ever in excess ... so live with moderation, simplicity. Sure, there is no need for lay folks to live like monks ... but know what one truly needs for life, appreciate the simple and small, do not be a slave to wants and material things.

In fact, in the Buddha's Mall, nothing is ever lacking or overstocked, there's is always an open parking space ... and the best stuff is totally free!

Today’s Sit-A-Long video follows at this link. Remember: recording ends soon after the beginning bells; a sitting time of 15 to 35 minutes is recommended.

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